"Gold! Alway's believe in ... The X Factor's ability to irritate me."

I have tried desperately not to fall into the cliché of blogging about The X Factor but given tonight’s controversy and the impending heart attack I may experience if I keep it bottled up, there really seems like no better time.
As much as I complain about the show, I have religiously watched every series of The X Factor, not because I enjoy the program but because I treat it as my countdown to the big December, 25. Some people prepare for Christmas by periodically topping their puddings with brandy, I choose to bring in the season by watching talentless hopefuls being told to ‘go girl!’ by phoned in American celebrities.
Now, be warned, I am the most judgemental person ever when it comes to music, so as you can probably guess, I’m not normally a fan of the calibre of acts that the final 12 showcases. However this year, I can appreciate that there’s a slightly better than average bunch of wannabes.
This evening saw the lovely Carolynne Poole lose out to the flouncy Rylan Clark. The 32 year old singer made a good go at putting a country spin on one of the most annoying songs of the summer, yet was voted off against the screaming banshee with a quiff, Rylan who crucified Spandau classic, Gold.
Louis Walsh, the spineless weasel that he is, took the vote to deadlock which astoundingly revealed that Carolynne did in fact receive fewer votes. This means that there are actually people in this country that either; A) Think that Rylan Clark is entertaining/can sing, or B) Are willing to waste money fuelling the shameless ratings battle the The X Factor is centred around.
I’m not a fool, I know that The X Factor pulls stunts like this to get as much publicity as it can and as many people as possible to turn over to The Xtra Factor, as I shamelessly did tonight. Even me sat here wasting my Sunday night writing this post, is exactly what is wrong with this show, but what’cha gon’ do?
I can only pray that Rylan realises that he is only in there as a pawn in the ratings game and that he doesn’t in fact ‘have a wonderful tone’ as Nicole keeps trying to convince us. She may be defending him against all of those cyber bullies popping up on Twitter but let us remind the dull pop…popst…popsta… (what is she again?) that the only reason Rylan is being scrutinised is because he is in a competition that he really shouldn’t be in, and that’s completely her/Syco’s fault.
I suppose what annoys me the most about this programme is that it never presents enough genuine talent to balance out the potential with the garbage. As good as some contestants were last night, surely they cannot be the best voices this country has to offer? Most of them are just a bit mediocre at best and really the false sense of superiority is just a bit cruel.
I don’t know why I expect more from a show that gave Cher Lloyd a platform and launched Cheryl Cole as the nation’s sweetheart. From the thousands of people who auditioned for this show, three decent voices mixed in with average pub singers and an over the top Cleopatra, were apparently the best the UK could produce. I just hope all the good singers are still out there and have simply concluded the overproduced circus isn’t for them. I’m starting to think maybe it should be.
Ah, bring on Strictly.