My Obsession with Girly Films

I often get laughed at for my apparently awful taste in films. Yes it probably is a travesty that I have never seen all three Lord of the Rings movies or that the only bits of the Matrix Trilogy I've experienced are those that have been commonly re-enacted in spoof movies. The thing is I just don't see the point in watching a three hour epic, just to tick it off a movie to-do list.

So I stick to chick flicks, comedies and anything that has Ashton Kutcher minus a shirt in it. They're just easy to watch, I don't have to think about them and I like the fact that you know they‘re going to end well, most likely with a kiss in the rain.

If I'm sitting down to watch a film I want to enjoy it, not spend the whole two hours analysing why somebody's clothes were continually the same colour or what the significance of a flower was. I save that stuff for uni. 

My designated movie time tends to be when I'm going to bed. I tend to just want something on in the background, something nice to look at. I don't want to have to make the effort to actually pay attention to what's being said! Where’s the fun in that?

My sister and I have even started our own little collection of DVD's that come in pink cases. Sad I know but we've found some gems. Now every time we go into a cheap movie store we are immediately drawn to the little dots of pink gleaming from the shelves packed with all their lovely man hating, not man hating, independent woman giving in to love, stories. It's actually getting really desperate now as the only remaining DVD left that fits this physical description seems to be The Pink Panther and let's just say, we're not too keen. You know, unless Jake Gylenhaal makes a guest appearance. Shirtless. With us as his girlfriend. Too much? Ah okay.

Speaking of Jake, I did try to branch out into more 'serious' films. Well, The Good Girl. It features a depressed, obsessive guy and a stoner husband so it's a step up from Prince Charming and Cinderella types. Yet although I really loved the film, I have to admit, my love would have remained even if it had been about a painted wall drying so long as Gylenhaal and Aniston were present.

This isn't even about being a 'girly girl' either because I'm really not. Yeah I wear dresses but I find animals more of a nuisance than cute and I don't exactly 'Awh' at the sight of a baby. It’s just what I happen to enjoy.

So my films might involve wedding dresses, Cosmopolitans and high heels instead of lightsabers, explosions and Bruce Willis but it's not necessarily a bad thing, I guess that’s just my taste.

Love L x